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Robotic Heart Surgery India
As the name suggests, Robotic surgeries are Computer-Assisted Surgeries that are performed by a computer assisted robotic arm and are generally perceived to be having much more precision than the normal surgeries and are definitely less invasive.

This technology thrived on the fact that it overcame the limitations of otherwise minimally invasive surgeries and enhance the capability of surgeon. In the case of robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery, instead of directly moving the instruments, the surgeon uses a computer assisted remote manipulator that allows the surgeon to perform the normal movements associated with the surgery whilst the robotic arm carry out those movements. One advantage of using the computerized method is that the surgeon does not have to be present, indeed the surgeon could be anywhere in the world, leading to the possibility for remote surgeries.

Below are mentioned a few kinds of surgeries where Robotic surgeries have found to be very useful.
Robotic Heart Surgeries
Heart surgeons perform minimally invasive robotic heart surgery, using state-of-the-art technology. The da Vinci® Surgical System uses robotic instrumentation and a second technology called port access, leading to greater benefits for patients, compared to those offered by open heart surgery.

These benefits have been stated previously but include:
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain and scarring
  • Less risk of wound infections
  • Less blood loss and fewer transfusions
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities and lifestyles
The reason that these minimally invasive procedures and techniques are so attractive to our heart surgeons and patients is that these surgeries do not require an opening of the chest with an eight to twelve inch incision. These minimally invasive procedures can be used to treat a variety of heart conditions, including mitral valve prolapse, atrialseptal defect, atrialmyxoma and thrombi, coronary artery disease, and cardiac and thoracic tumors.

Robotic Radical Prostectomy

Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is a minimally invasive form of surgery to remove the prostate. This operation is performed as a local treatment for men with prostate cancer.

The surgery is performed through several small incisions in the front of the abdominal wall. This allows access to the prostate which is located deep in the pelvis, below the bladder and on top of the pelvic floor. Through these small incisions ports (or thin tubes) are inserted through which specialised instruments are placed. These instruments are then controlled in a delicate fashion by the surgeon who sits at a consol adjacent to the operating table.

Robotic Organ Transplantation
A Da-Vinci robot was used to perform the surgery with doctors stating that the robot is usually used in kidney, heart and gynecological operations

Robotic surgery can be defined as a minimally invasive and unmanned surgery where a robot performs the surgery and the system is controlled by a surgeon. In this surgery, the system is controlled from a console by a surgeon who sits comfortably and operates while viewing an image of the patient's body interior through a highly magnified 3D system. The surgeon with the help of master controls that functions like forceps conducts operations, as well as controls some parts of the instruments by using one or two methods.
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