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    MISSION & VISION - " We want to be the biggest in this role"
During their long association with the hospitals the founders Parveen and Kapil felt the need to drastically improve upon the service being provided to the foreign patients. After long introspection they thought that why not start a company which provides unmatched service to the patient coming from outside India as he faces a real uphill task in getting his tests and procedures done.

Kaizen Healthcare was formed with the sole aim of providing unmatched healthcare services to international patients who look towards India for cutting- edge medical treatment at lower costs.

The mission is to be the best Medical Tourism Operator in the country by providing unmatched service. To integrate Tourism part in the Medical Treatment, thereby, making the whole business of Medical Tourism become a reality.

The vision is to see this company grow to a level of catering to 1000 patients per month without compromising on service provided.
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